Wheel of Life

Wheel of Life is a detailed representation of the basic Buddhist belief in the transmigratory existence or the theory of rebirth. The wheel is held in the embrace of Shenje, ruler of the dead, showing that all beings must eventually die. It is said to symbolize the people of the fear of death and hideousness to cling to life. Outside the wheel is a figure of Buddha, which is free of all moral and mental barriers that may prevent all living beings to attain enlightenment. His presence outside the wheel implies his escape life cycle. The wheel is divided into three parts: the axle, spokes and the rim. The axle affirms the first noble truth of Buddhism which holds that suffering exists; the purpose of the Mahayana Buddhist teaching is to relieve all beings from suffering. The axle outside, or rim, the event shows a white sky and a black hell. The spokes of the wheel divide the world into six areas sensual, the gods, demigods, men, hungry ghosts, animals, and hell.