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Dzambala is a popular god in the Buddhist community, known to bistow wealth and prosperity. He is known as the "Bodhisattva of compassion". He protects humans from harmful spirits and negative karma; also bringing good-fortune and stability.

There are 5 different jambhalas(dzambalas) each having their own matras and practices.
They are based on their colors: green, white, yellow, red and black.

The painting of the yellow Dzambala is probably the most popular and powerful of all. He is said to be the emanation of buddha Ratnasambhava. It is believed that he can remove poverty within six realms (sansara), while increasing virtues, life span and wisedom.

Painting Description:

Material: Hand painting in cotton canvas.

Size: 25cm x 35cm

The Yellow Dzambala sits in a vajra position with his right foot hung outside the lotus and sun disk, and his left leg inside it. He has a mongoose in his left hand which is named "Nehulay" that spews precious jewels from its mouth. His right hand usually holds gems shaped fruit and leaf of lotus, however, in Tibetan Tantric images like this, instead of the fruit he has a precious pagoda.