White Tara

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Tara, the Buddhist deity and female bodhisattva of universal compassion, is very popular amongst Tibetan, Nepalese and Mongolian community. A Buddhist legend has it that, the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara (one who sees all), looked upon the world and saw its beings suffering. This greatly dishearten him and he started to weep. The tears that fell from his eyes formed a lake, where a lotus sprung up and opened to reveal goddess Tara.

White Tara, Sitatara in Sanskrit and Sgrol-dkar in Tibetan, also known as the Mother of all Buddhas represents the motherly aspect of compassion. Her white color signifies purity, wisdom and truth. White Tara is very close to sentient beings, like a mother to her children, and sometimes called Solar Mother of the World.

In religious practice, White Tara is believed to help her followers overcome obstacles, quickly fulfill their wishes and grant happiness and longevity. Her immediate aid to her children (follower) earned her the name of “Swift heroine” or “Swift Savior”.

Painting Description:

In this painting, the White Tara is richly adorned with jewels and is seated in diamond lotus position with the soles of her feet pointed upwards. Her silk robes leave her slender torso, while her scarves are wrapped around her body.

Her right hand makes the boon-granting gesture and her left hand is in the protective mudra. In her left hand she holds an elaborate lotus flower that contains three blooms. The first is in seed and represents the past Buddha Kashyapa; the second is in full bloom and symbolizes the present Buddha Shakyamuni; the third is ready to bloom and signifies the future Buddha Maitreya. These three blooms symbolizes that Tara is the essence of the three Buddhas.

If you look closely, She has seven eyes. Her usual two eyes with third eye is her forehead. The four other are on her hands and feet. This symbolizes her vigilance and ability to see all the sufferings in the world.

Material: A set of pure gold Thangkas in black background (without use of any colors). Assorted motifs. These are Rare and unique paintings.
Size: 50cm x 70cm