Green Tara

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Tara is the female buddha(bodhisattva) in Buddhism. The Tibetan ancient mantra of om tare tuttare ture soha is related to Tara (especially the Green Tara). Some even say that she is the "Mother of all Buddhas". Green Tara is simply the colossal Bodhisattva that always represents herself in a female form, who made a pledge to incarnate in a female form to profit the creatures until she gained enlightenment.

She is the representation of virtues of success and achievements. Being the Goddess of Compassion, her followers often ask her for relieving them of physical, emotional and spiritual suffering.

Statue Description:

Material: Copper

Height: 38cm

In the statue she is in the posture of ease as well as readiness for action.

Although she seems to be seated, her left leg coils inward in the contemplative position, while, her right leg gestures a ready to stand up gesture. Green Tara’s right hand is in the refuge-granting mudra (gesture); whereas, the left hand shows a boon-granting [giving] gesture.

In her hands she holds the stems of blue lotuses (utpalas), which symbolize purity and power for all being, that call upon her name.