Shakyamuni Buddha

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The statue of earth witness Buddha depicts Buddha sitting in deep meditation with his left hand, palm upright on his lap and his right hand touching the earth representing the moment of enlightenment.

Buddha means the one who is “fully awakened”. He is the sage of the shakya clan. So he is also called Shakyamuni. Buddha is the one who has attend the state of perfect enlightenment. Buddha symbolizes the perfect quality of enlightened mind or embodiment of absolute truth.

His teaching has aimed solely at liberating sentient being from the cycle of sufferings.

Buddhism is the “philosophy of life” expounded by buddha which says the path of happiness starts from th understanding of the root cause of sufferings. This is called four noble truths.

It further states that enlightenment is not gog given. It is self made. It comes from the realization of the law of cause and effect which states ‘for every event that occurs, there will follow another event pleasant or unpleasant borne by the person who commits them.

Material: Copper Statue - Full Gold plated. The sculpture of shakyamni Buddha is very unique and special art piece. It is the fine piece of work with detail design especially in lotus and robe.

Height: 38cm