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Vajrasattva, the supreme Buddhist deity portraying the purity of an enlightened mind, is also the purity of speech, mind and body of all Buddhas. Like most deities of Buddhism, he defies the notion of ego. The role of the Vajrasattva, “Great Purifier”, is working against negative karmas and obstacles that obscure our Buddha nature. He is the manifestation of Buddha Conquerer Vajradhara and his practice is considered very powerful in healing and purification in Vajrayana.

His practice is the core foundation in Vajrayana Buddhism. The obvious choice of a weapon of Vajrasattva is the vajra, which can cut through (destroy) all kinds of ignorance and is indestructible. In Newa Buddhism, Vajrasattva is taken as an ideal guru (teacher). Moreover, he is repeatedly invoked in the guru mandala, which is the foundational rituals for all other Newa: Buddhist rituals, and the daily puja for Newa priests.

Painting Description:

Material: Hand Painting in cotton Canvas

Size: 25cm x 35cm

This painting is a typical newari styled artwork having the Tibetan portrayal of Vajrasattva. He is seen holding a vajra (known to many as thunderbolt) and a hand bell. The vajra is a spiritual tool with the ability to cut any substance, that is, it symbolizes a diamond. It is held in his right hand and placed close to his heart. While the left-hand rests near his waist holding an upturned bell. These assets represent the purity, compassion, and wisdom needed for the attainment of enlightenment.

He is seated in a lotus (crossed/vajra) position garmented with fine celestial green and red silk, while rich ornaments depict him as a young and wealthy prince. Half of his long wavy black hair is gathered on top of his head, the rest curls down his back and around his shoulders.